Curriculum Implementation Process

curwordleFollowing the revision, publication, and dissemination of a curriculum, the process of implementation begins for both the elementary and secondary schools in the diocese. Documents are shared with the principals at a diocesan principal meeting. This overview highlights the changes from the previous document and highlights how the new curriculum aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Furthermore, the curriculum is permeated with our Catholic Identity (the Catholic Social Justice Teachings, the Rights of Children, and our Catholic faith and values).

During the fall and spring following the dissemination of a given curriculum, workshops are offered to teachers of various grade levels to familiarize them with the content and format of the new curriculum.

Upon completion of the implementation workshops, the principal and teachers review the content and format of the new document. This review provides the principals and teachers the opportunity to investigate textbooks, software, online resources, and other instructional materials that may be needed to effectively implement the new curriculum.