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Elementary Catechist Certification Forms and Applications


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Office of Catechetical Formation and Education
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Parish Catechist Certification

Diocese of Cleveland


Diocese Shield Clr T7784A4

Parish Catechist Certification


“The office of catechist is basically that of communicating God’s Word.”
(Guide for Catechists, 6)

“Catechists are called to continual conversion and growth in their faith and, for this reason, are called to ongoing spiritual formation.” 

(National Directory for Catechesis, 55 C)


In fidelity to the Church’s mission of evangelization, the Office of Catechetical Formation andcatechistcert Education of the Diocese of Cleveland strives to promote and support a comprehensive Catholic formational program for the ministry of catechesis. “Catechists do not merely instruct their students about Christ: they lead them to him” (NDC, 55 E). 

The Office of Catechetical Formation and Education provides programs, policies, and processes for the training and certification of Parish Catechists. This formation focuses upon the responsibilities connected to catechetical ministry in the parish setting, especially:

  •  Help catechists develop an understanding of the nature and goals of catechesis
  •  Familiarize catechists with the resources available to them
  •  Assist catechists to be models of faith and virtue and courageous public witnesses to the Catholic Faith
  •  Provide catechists with a thorough formation in the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith as well as its practice
  •  Guide catechists to an ever deeper practice of prayer as well as an on-going study of Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  •  Assist catechists in the maturation of their human, spiritual, and apostolic qualities  

The Parish Catechist Certification Process in the Diocese of Cleveland exists in four stages:


All catechists ministering in parishes of the Diocese of Cleveland are required to hold Temporary Certification and be working towards Basic Certification. Parish catechists are strongly urged to seek higher levels of certification.

For more information on Parish Catechist Certification contact your Parish Catechetical Leader or your regional diocesan Catechetical Formation Leader:


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Wm. Christopher Hoag, D.Min.
Catechetical Program Manager
216-696-6525 x2880
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Cuyahoga (West), Lorain


Denise Smithberger
Catechetical Formation Leader - South
216-696-6525 x8910
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Summit, Medina, Wayne, Ashland


All Catechetical Certification Applications

Parish Catechist

Each certificate (Basic, Advanced, or Master) will be current for six years, renewable by completing forty clock hours of in-service in the area of religion/faith development as described on the renewal application form.

Basic Certificate
Every catechist in a parish catechetical program must obtain a Basic Certificate.

Advanced Certificate*
Catechists are encouraged to obtain their Advanced Certificate after completion of the Basic.

Master Certificate*
A Master Certificate requires the completion of an Advanced Certificate and the completion of the remaining electives not taken for the Advanced Certificate.

* Advanced and Master Certificates are optional levels of certification. However, these courses may be applied toward renewal of the Basic Certificate.

Catechetical Renewal Information

All certificates (CATECHETICAL LEADER, BASIC, ADVANCED and MASTER for PARISH CATECHISTS) must be renewed every six years with forty (40) clock hours of continuing education and formation

A. It is expected that at least thirty (30) of these hours be achieved through diocesan or parish opportunities offered in the following areas:

Theology: Adult education sessions, courses, institutes, or workshops on areas of Catholic theology such as Scripture, Church history, sacraments, liturgy, morality, Catholic social justice teachings, Catholic doctrine, etc.

Catechetical Methods: Workshops, institutes, or inservices related to understanding catechetical methods and processes, such as session planning, use of media, creating a catechetical/learning environment, ways of praying, etc.

Catechist Development: Workshops, institutes, or inservices on communications and listening skills, stages of faith development, moral development, or psychological development as these areas relate to catechesis.

B. A maximum of ten (10) of these hours may be achieved through formational experiences such as:

Retreats, days of recollection, Small Christian Communities, parish missions, Marriage Encounter, Sacramental Preparation meetings, RENEW, Life in the Spirit Seminar, Christ Renews His Parish, etc.

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Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing when submitting an application.